Sunday, 27 March 2011

Weathering Locomotives

Hi all,

For my first blog I have some locomotive photos taken on the Bowen Creek layout.

The weathering is a mix of washes and powders. On almost all my models, the weathering is done in this manner. When weathering, I rarely use an airbrush. The washes and powders technique gives greater control than an air brush, and allows you to target smaller areas of the model.

I feel that even with the best double action airbrush, the models just look over weathered. However I still use an airbrush for exhaust, soot, and under body grime in small, thin doses!

For my next blog, I'll take a look at a "44" class with extreme weathering, using a very interesting technique. Until then, I hope sharing my photo's with you all, assists in your weathering ideas.


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  1. Hi Deano,
    Your locos look fantastic. Maybe you could do a step by step on how you do it?

    Great stuff.