Friday, 18 January 2013


Hi all,

As most of you know I have had some major computer problems that have caused me some big time headaches! I am pleased to say I'm back on track with a new PC. However, I lost all the art work for my kit instructions and sign kits. It was not an easy thing to come to terms with, as the data loss was the result of a mistake made at a PC repair shop. I kept this quite while I sorted the mess out with the repair guys. Efforts were made to recover the data, but in the end I decided to move on and get over it, before it got the better of me!

I do have printed copies of instructions and signs, so at least I will have something to go off, as I redo everything. I wish I could just scan it all but the images are not clear enough.

Once again I thank everyone for their patience and will do my best to get orders out ASAP.

Now for a modelling fix - I have worked from sun up to sun down, and then some, over the last few weeks whilst sorting my PC. I was burnt out and I needed a modelling fix! It came in the form of a Laser rail bits, timber tank stand.

An easy and enjoyable kit to assemble and I was really pleased with the end result. So I mounted it to a diorama, added extra details like bolts, inlet/outlet pipes and a tank of course (an old Rails North kit). I milled down the inside of the tank by screwing it down though the top half of each side, then ran the cutter over the parts and cut the top half off when finished. The end result gives a more realistic thinness to each side.  

                                               You'd be a Galah to drink that water!!!!

                                                        Water Column UNEEK kit 680

                     I adjusted the colour - see my Face Book page for the original and extra photos.

                                              Sole plates UNEEK and Woodland scenics
      Later, Deano