Sunday, 19 August 2012

Eureka models NSWGR sheep wagon

Hi all,

It's been another busy weekend. I have completed the Rails In Scale coil wagon instructions although I still need to re-draw one image. But apart from that, they are ready to print. I hope to start sending kits out next week and I will start with all paid orders. If you have ordered and not yet paid, I will contact you when your kits are ready for post.

After my late night completing the instructions, I decided to have a weathering fix. My Eureka models bogie sheep wagons arrived last week and as soon as I took them from the box, I could see this was a first class model and was begging for some weathering. About the only thing I could have a winge about was that the wheels are shiner than Her Majesty's best silverware. Apart from that, it's a great model.

Eureka had the foresite to design the wagon so you can take it apart. You add sheep by simply removing the buffers and floor, and then unclipping the roof. After you add the woolies, you just clip the roof back on, and insert the floor, replace the buffers (or pins on NSSF) and your set to go.

Cheers Dean,

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Murwillumbah Model Railway & Hobby Exhibition 2012

Hi All,

The Murwillumbah exhibition went ahead last weekend and as stated in my previous post, I was there to promote weathering to any that would listen. Thankfully, visitors were keen to learn and better still, try it out for themselves! The layouts were of a high quality, and plenty of other models were on display. Everything from cars and planes to ships and boats. Also on display were woodworking crafts and  retail model suppliers.

Over the weekend I worked on a few models demonstrating what can be done with Dr Ben's weathering pigments. Some people said I made it look easy, but the truth is Dr Ben's product makes it easy! The stuff just works! I will do my best to get down to the Sydney exhibition and if I do make it, stop by and take a look for yourself.