Friday, 27 January 2012

Small weathering details that make a difference

Hi all,

Having more than one number of the same of  loco can be a weathering challenge so I try to add a small but noticeable difference!

In the case of this 47 class loco it's oily foot prints on the walkway. Very easy to do with some thinned 50/50 gloss black! Now I can run two 47's in the same consist and they both have there unique differences and features like the footprints on this loco and faded numbers on the other candy colour 47 class I have on my blog.

If you going to weather one or more of the same loco always keep the others handy so you can make the weathering just a little different on each
one and always have a few photos handy! You don't need try and match whats in the photo but use it as inspiration....


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Extreme Weathered NSW Hoppers

Hi all,

One thing New South Wales rolling stock has to endure is the harsh working environment of Australian rail network! From the dust out west to the grime of the city, the hot unforgiving sun, and of course, the vandals who tag and graffiti every kind of rolling stock they can get close
enough too with a spray can.

The hoppers in this blog have had the full going over to represent sun faded logos, dust, and graffiti..


Friday, 6 January 2012

NSWGR bogie sheep wagon

Hi all,

In this blog we have a NSWGR bogie sheep wagon built from Casula Hobbies GSV wagon parts. You can buy all the kit parts you need to build the wagon from Casula. The kits are a simple kit bash. It would make a great starting point for those who may wish to go one step up from just kit building and get into kit bashing and scratch building.

The weather techniques are the same style as used in the BCW blog posting earlier.

Later Deano