Saturday, 14 April 2012

A saturday arvo V/line X class weathering job

Hi all,

While I was waiting for silicone rubber molds to set for the coil wagon project, I thought I do some weathering. Just a weather powder job with a little oil spillage in places.The V/line locos can get rather dirty and their gray & orange paint can really show this.

I did change my flat clear from my usual dull coat to a water based paint. Now that Horizon has closed, I have discovered how well John looked after us modelers! I went to buy Dull Coat from another shop in Beenleigh and It was twice the price! So I used a water based paint from the UK.

The paint goes on white and drys flat clear, however the dull coat has a much flatter look and takes the powders with more tooth! I will use the Tamiya flat clear from now on. It does not eat decals and drys reasonably flat. As for this Loco, it will pass. But, I think it would have been better with the dull coat.

Cheers Dean