Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hi all - it has been a long time without a post!

So I will just cut to the chase! I got out of hospital about six weeks ago and have not done much model work of  late. I have had back problems for about 10 years and was helping a mate out in his workshop part-time. He needed an experienced mechanic to help run the workshop, and I enjoy working as a mechanic, as it has been my trade for 25 years.

In this workshop foreman role, it was light work, but the standing on my feet stated to play havoc with my back. I finished up in a wheelchair in emergency at my local hospital after a few weeks of back pain. The back just went on me overnight.

I should have taken note of the signs but instead, I just soldiered on only to pay big time in the long run! Anyway, there is always someone worse off. I walked out of hospital only needing a walking stick! So, I consider myself one very lucky, slightly burnt out tradesman, who now has more time to spend on the hobby.

The model below was going to be my entry at Liverpool, but I could not make it due to the afore mentioned problems. I had also posted some progress photos on facebook some time ago, however, it is now finished, and I may someday display it at a show.

So there you have it, an abandon station somewhere on the N.S.W railway system! I will add this model to my layout one day, but for now it is a great way to display Rails In Scale and UNEEK Models detail items.