Saturday, 26 May 2012

Finished coil wagon sample

Hi All,

At last I have a sample to show!

This model has been built of castings from the masters and is what you will be getting in kit form. The signage is the only part that will be reworked with some extra details on the number board and a clean up of the L7 logo. I will now set about making new production molds that will let me cast parts at more than one at a time with so many small detail parts this will speed up production. I hope to have it all sorted in a few weeks.

I regret to say the price has gone up. The lost wax brass castings were not the only change made to the kit, I have made a number of new parts in white metal instead of polyurethane. This has brought up the empty weight of the model and also replaces some of the polyurethane brackets  that were so small they were prone to breakage.

All orders already taken will stay at the original  announced price however from this point in time all kits are $60 each.

Price on coils will be announced soon.

Cheers Dean

Friday, 4 May 2012

Coils for coil wagons

Hi all,

I have just finished some test castings for the coils. They are a two piece casting that is glued together not unlike the large plastic Auscision silver coil also in the photos. I have cast one in two colours so you can get an idea of the two parts. The other is finished with  the straps added.

At first I thought they were a little too fine however fine was what I was aiming for and after many attempts on the lathe with different speeds and tools I decided on this one! Not too fine or course, (some were so fine they would have passed as N scale).

They will be available as an extra for the coil wagon or the small Auscision or Walthers coils will also fit.

Cheers Dean 


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Coil wagon steps

Hi all,

The coil wagon kit is ever so close, I now have the lost wax brass steps.  I know It caused a set back but the detail has been worth the wait! It will make the model look really great (much better than bent wire). I must thank John Dersch at Ornamental castings. Without Johns help, the steps would not have been possible (see link below).

The other good news is they make a great replacement set for a lot of NSWGR rolling stock. I just fitted a set to my Auscision NLKY Louvered vans (see pics). I will list them on my Rails In Scale E-bay store "Loco-Alco" in the next day or so.  I have poured more molds today.

I will give a few days for them to set. I'll post another blog with pics of the coil wagon and a surprise kit I have been working on. 

Until then...