Thursday, 3 May 2012

Coil wagon steps

Hi all,

The coil wagon kit is ever so close, I now have the lost wax brass steps.  I know It caused a set back but the detail has been worth the wait! It will make the model look really great (much better than bent wire). I must thank John Dersch at Ornamental castings. Without Johns help, the steps would not have been possible (see link below).

The other good news is they make a great replacement set for a lot of NSWGR rolling stock. I just fitted a set to my Auscision NLKY Louvered vans (see pics). I will list them on my Rails In Scale E-bay store "Loco-Alco" in the next day or so.  I have poured more molds today.

I will give a few days for them to set. I'll post another blog with pics of the coil wagon and a surprise kit I have been working on. 

Until then...


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