Sunday, 19 August 2012

Eureka models NSWGR sheep wagon

Hi all,

It's been another busy weekend. I have completed the Rails In Scale coil wagon instructions although I still need to re-draw one image. But apart from that, they are ready to print. I hope to start sending kits out next week and I will start with all paid orders. If you have ordered and not yet paid, I will contact you when your kits are ready for post.

After my late night completing the instructions, I decided to have a weathering fix. My Eureka models bogie sheep wagons arrived last week and as soon as I took them from the box, I could see this was a first class model and was begging for some weathering. About the only thing I could have a winge about was that the wheels are shiner than Her Majesty's best silverware. Apart from that, it's a great model.

Eureka had the foresite to design the wagon so you can take it apart. You add sheep by simply removing the buffers and floor, and then unclipping the roof. After you add the woolies, you just clip the roof back on, and insert the floor, replace the buffers (or pins on NSSF) and your set to go.

Cheers Dean,


  1. Looking good Dean, where did you get the sheep from?


    1. Hi Rob,
      The sheep are Preiser close to the bars and some mixed cheap brands in the center. If you jump onto Ebay item 390453203333 is a good deal 60 sheep for around $30.


  2. Hi Dean

    I was wondering whether the wethered sheep van was weathered as per a weathered photograph? cheers Sean the Sheep

  3. Hi Sean,
    It was based on a number of photos, One pic had the rust on the
    roof another the PTC paint was pealing away and another had lost
    all paint with rusty bars...So I guess It was weathered from photos
    I just combined them to get a look that works on the model. I have
    tried to copy from a photo in the past but I find it best to use
    photos as a reference. I don't try to copy the photo just use it
    as a guide. Another thing to point out is weather to the years you
    model the sheep wagons of the late 80,s were in poor condition. A good example is my last post the hopper had not yet turned a allover gray it still shows some aluminum in the 80,s however by
    the late 90.s they were very weathered.
    Cheers Dean