Saturday, 20 October 2012

Damage control..What a month

Hi all,

Well it's about time I posted an update, things have been flat out and it's not getting any better at least, for the short term. I will start with the bad news. When I returned from the Liverpool Exhibition, I went to boot up my PC.....and nothing! To cut a long story short the hard-drive was dead. I had backed up most of my data however, I will have to redo most of my HO scale sign range (see Ebay link). I will also have to re-do the Coil-wagon instructions, and with regret, this will be another setback on an already slow delivery. I have prints of everything so it won't be a big project, but one that will be painstaking to rectify.. I can't just  make photocopies, as the images in the instructions will not be clear enough.

I have about half a dozen instruction sets printed, so that will keep me going for a wile. However, I may be too busy to redo some of the signs. So, once all stock is sold on E-bay, I will stop listing therm, until I find time to play with the artwork. On the positivre side I have been forced to learn how to use my I-phone and set the internet up on my laptop!! I am slowly overcoming my technophobia.

Now to the good stuff.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Rails In Scale stand at Liverpool. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. I did a bit of weathering over the weekend showing the use of the Doctor Ben's weathering pigments, and I was suprised and grateful how quickly I sold out of stock. I am very pleased that so many people bought the powders to have a go themselves! I've opened a Facebook page so please follow it, as I will be posting some tips and tricks to weathering soon. As soon as more pigments arrive, I will list them on the RIS E-Bay store.

Rails In Scale will be attending the Ipswich model train show at the Ipswich rail museum on the 27-28 October 2012.

I will be demonstrating the weathering techniques I use to weather all my models. I will also bring along the remainder of my HO scale signage and detail items, that is until I've sorted out my PC. Don't forget, Dr Ben's awesome weathering powders will also be available.

Hope to see ya there,


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