Saturday, 5 November 2011

Weathered NSWGR NPRX Cement hopper

Hi all,

In this blog,we look at an AR kits NPRX hopper, with Keiran Ryan models brass etch detail parts.

By adding some etch detail and under body parts, you can come up with a very nice model that's comparable to the ready-to-run models coming out of China. The model was built and painted in gray primer (from a spray can), then gloss clear was brushed where the decals would be placed. Then the decals were added and sprayed with flat clear.

The weathering powders were used to complete the model. I did not see the need for a silver top coat, as silver needs a lot of clear to make decals adhere well, and would be lost under layers of weathering powder anyway.

Just like the prototype, it has lost it's raw aluminum finish under layers of cement dust. 


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