Saturday, 18 February 2012

More Van posts! the rusty dusty Auscision NSWGR NLKY

Hi all,

Will I ever stop! It's been a van weathering frenzy, I have lost count. Now you guys get to see one, sometimes two, of each style of model I weather but behind the scenes I have been busy weathering 16 vans for myself and 26 coal hoppers for a customer all with graffiti!

When I have finished I will blog some photos of the hoppers. Anyway back to this blog...

We have a Auscision NLKY van with rusty louvers and showing signs of a typical Aussie rail life. I had some fun getting the rust on each louver! The model is all brush painted. This let me have more control where the colour and rust went as to keep both colours distinctively apart, I don't want a wash of brown and Blue. Once I had the colours where I wanted them I gave the model a going over with powders to tone things down.

   Cheers Dean 
   P.S. Yes, I see the bent step

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