Thursday, 19 July 2012

Updates and info

Hi All,

I thought it's about time I gave you all an update on the coil wagon - they are almost ready for release. I'm waiting on a order from KD for the couplers. It has been almost two weeks since my last contact with them, so I emailed them again yesterday and have almost got everything sorted. I just sent my payment info so I hope to see something in the post this week.

The other set back has been the writing of the instructions. After a rather poor first effort in black and white, I decided to redo them in colour, with photos and 3D CAD drawings. This will make life a lot easier in assembling the kit.

The progress on the BBP box plough has been slow, with the coil wagon being my first priority. However, I have made the roof master but that's as far as I have gone.

I do have two surprise kits on the way - one is a bridge, and the other is a shipping container. If I get enough of these kits done, I will have samples to show at the Murwillumbah exhibition on August 11th-12th  next month.

Whilst there, I will also be doing a weathering demonstration on the use of Doctor Ben's weathering powders. This is the very same product used to weather the model below, as well as all the my other models on this blog. This is the best weathering product I have used! It bonds to the model well, and is so simple to apply with a soft but stiff brush ( I usually shorten the bristles). It's not ground chalk but an industrial pigment and it works!

At the exhibition, I will demonstrate how to weather bogies in just a few minutes and the result
will blow you away! I will also demonstrate Loco and rolling stock weathering, using the both wet and Dry pigments. I hope to see you there, and I will be glade to answer any questions you may have




  1. Deano,
    Wow! That flat car car looks fabulous. Make sure you share with us bloggers how you did it.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. You should stick to unweathered , unloaded wagons.You wouldnt want to stick out from the crowd.Love the tyres.

    1. I'm part of a secret underground movement called the "united peoples front for weathering freedom". You are brave to speak out against the clean empty model establishment, as they have powerful people in high places!

  3. G'day Ian,
    Where do I start it's not hard to do just hard for me to put into words! The model is from Sydney Hobbies TME kit I used scale lumber for the deck and the load was a Life Like load kit bashed to fit the wagon. The tyres were cut in half and rejoined to look crushed by the chain. I treated the timber with a wash of Dr Bens and 50/50 water + window cleaner. Aged the timber with the blunt end of a hobby knife and wire bush then used mixed shades of Dr Bens pigment (Dry) I did much the same on the load dry pigments in
    mixed shades. I will be happy to give you a demo at Murwillumbah if
    your heading up my way.
    Cheers Dean.

    PS, I now have a range of Dr Bens pigments and will have them for sale at Murwillumbah Or see my Ebay store I will try to list them in the next week or so.
    (Ebay link on blog page)