Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Modeling a Jacaranda tree in HO scale

Hi all,

I have completed a project modeling a Jacaranda tree that ended up turning into a diorama!

I noted the trees around the Northern Rivers NSW and Ipswich QLD, so I thoiught I would give modeling one a go by painting white sand, a few shades of pink and purple. I used water based hobby paint and airbrushed a small amount of sand in a ice cream bucket.Yes, it blows everywhere. But if you keep the airbrush well away from the sand it can be done! Shake the sand around as you paint.

I will be bringing the diorama along with me to the New England convention so I hope to see you there. The model was weathered using Dr Ben's weathering pigments on just about everything - cars, buildings, people and animals.The red Australian dirt was also pigment and looks very realistic however the photos made it much more reddish than it is.

New England Convention

I have been asked in a number of emails, and in person at the Ipswich exhibition, why I will not be demonstrating weathering techniques at this years New England Convention. The reason is that  I was not asked/invited. I thought the idea of a convention is to bring something new or different to entusiasts. If it was the same thing, done by the same people each year, wouldn't it just get boring? Anyway, if you have any questions just let me know, I'll be  more than happy to help.


Cheers Deano                                       

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  1. Dean,
    One word, "Wow"


    PS, love the Jacaranda flowers on the roof of the CW, nice touch.