Monday, 5 August 2013

NSWGR 47 Class loco weathering.

Hi all,

Again way to much time has passed since my last blog posting. However I have been so busy, with my 75 year old father taking a fall and hitting his head, which put him in hospital for a week. Things have just been crazy!

For this post, I have weathered a N.S.W.G.R '47 class loco from a photo taken by Bryan Vandestelt, way back in 1989. I spotted it the in Railway Digest of October 1990 sometime ago, and I have used it for weathering inspiration more than once.

This time, however, I decided to match the weathering to the model, rather that just use it as a general guide. I must say a "thanks" to Railway Digest for tracking down Bryan, so I could get the O.K to use the photo. Another thanks to Bryan and his brother who went to so much trouble getting the image to me. Bryan sent the slide to his brother who scanned it, and sent me the photo so I could use it for this blog posting.



  1. Nice work Dean, I especially like the oil leaks down the side door panels, it actually tends to make the doors look like they are separate panels rather than part of a single body mold.


  2. Cheers Col, It was a thin wash of black and clear 50/50 applied in 3 layers to build up to the end result.