Saturday, 19 October 2013

SDS Bogie Cattle Wagon

Hi all,

Just thought I would do a short post on the SDS Cattle wagons.

I used some of the SDS models for demonstrations in weathering at the Sydney Model railway exhibition and I was impressed by the detail of the models.

However the roof was more suited to freshly "out shopped" wagons being a neat and smooth roof. It did not suit the 1970/80's all that well. So, I thought I would make a replacement roof in polyurethane (which will be released In a few weeks), with all the wear and tear of a well used wagon.

The roof has all the detail cast in place like the weathered timber, with what is left of the "Malthoid" or "Duroid" bituminous paper strips used to seal the timber planks.

So I will start with a few pics showing the weathering stages, and don't forget, I have older posts of weathering livestock wagons, so take a look! I will announce the roof release on Facebook

In the above photo, I have used a sharp hobby knife to score the surface to give an impression of aged wood.

I have then added some livestock, and gave the model a dry brush to highlight the metal bracing.

Now I have weathered the model using the same techniques listed on my older blogs.

The last photo shows the new roof in place, with weathering, by colouring in the Malthoid with a black marker pen.

Cheers Dean


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