Thursday, 21 June 2012

New kit - the BBP ballast wagon

Hi all,

I have some photos of my next kit - the BBP wagon. This kit has been in the pipeline for about two years, however it stalled when it came to the roof vents. I had contacted two manufacturers who made them in brass, and asked if a bulk buy could be arranged. One said they would get back to me, and the other said they would be able to make them in white metal. I did not hear back from either of them again and so I moved on to other projects but, I had made a promise to a number of people that I would do this kit and I was not about to let them down.

After seeing the outstanding casting work of John Dersch at Ornamental castings on my other projects, combined with his very fast turnaround, I gave him a call. I asked if I could send a master of the Flettner vents down for casting. The rest is history! The Flettner vents arrived and I got a move on with the masters and the casting. The photos show what I have done thus far.

The model will be made in such away that you can model it with the doors open or closed! Peter Boorman made the brass etch steps for me. You may not see it in the photos but that's checker plate on the walk ways! I used a new US brand of polyurethane for the castings with some great results. The fine details like bolts and rivets are there you just may not see them in the photos.

The kit will also include K.D's and bogie's.  It is some way off yet, but I thought I would share the progress. 

Cheers Dean

P.S. The early bird price is $55, however as things move along it may increase. 
If your after a kit please email me on

Thanks John,


  1. Hi Dean

    It looks great can I get in on the early bird price

    Cheers Jon

  2. Hi Dean,
    Do you know off hand when the first BBP was built?


  3. G,day guys,

    Can you shoot me an email and we can
    sort out your order.

    I'm told 1968 I think that would be possible as my drawing is dated 1966. I have no proof but it makes sense, However NSW rolling stock page lists them as entering service in 1970.