Sunday, 17 June 2012

NSWGR Pay Bus number 8

Hi all,

It's been a busy few weeks! The weather has finally dried up allowing me to do some casting and get a move on with the coil wagon! In between I have been keeping my sanity by doing some modelling.

The subject is the NSWGR pay bus - FP8, based on the unit stored at the old Casino station. The model went together nicely, the only problem I encountered was the decals were not printed very well! I used a set of L7 logos I had in my decal collection.

I fitted DCC and fibre optic lights behind the clear lenses. I had to replace the headlight mounts with a set from Detail Associates as the castings on the bus were way to large.

Now to the coil wagon - I hear you say! I have started the casting and will soon be sending out the orders already taken. I will also have the coil sets for sale. They are $8 for a set of three, enough for each wagon. Those of you with unpaid orders will receive an email when you kits are ready.

Cheers Dean


  1. How well does your Pay Bus run? I have 2 and they both run like shit! They derail every where and in reverse the gears mesh well but forwards it sounds like there is a handful of sand in the gears.

  2. Hi Ben,
    It runs well...But I made my own pickups! The other thing I should
    point out is mine has the SEM running gear yours may be the first
    lot that never ran that well. If it,s the early model I think it
    drives both axles as mine only drives one.
    Cheers Dean